Recent Projects

A well-loved traditional feature of Southend, beach huts have lined the seafront since the 1950s. With 500 huts in the borough, it is important that maintenance and upkeep is achieved by the lease holder, in keeping with council guidelines. With high moisture levels throughout the year, the original beach hut, which had incorporated particle board and strawboard panels for the roof and flooring, alongside solid Scandinavian redwood for the claddings, steps and balcony, required a complete refurbishment having battled beachfront conditions for a number of years.

Tricoya, an extreme durable panel, offered the ideal solution for the beachfront conditions compared to traditional wood panels and even other durable wood products – primarily for its excellent performance in wet conditions.

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Accoya® and Tricoya® cladding used in residential construction innovation.

Two of Norway’s young entrepreneurs have formed an innovative response to the demand for student accommodation in Norway, by transforming shipping containers into residential flats framed with Accoya wood and clad with Tricoya.

MyBox is a pre-fabricated box constructed with low-maintenance Accoya and Tricoya modified wood products, which protect the residential units from the harsh effects of the external environment and together create an excellent U-value rating and thermal performance. The accommodation solution is assembled in a matter of days, and once constructed, is approved as a permanent building.

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Tricoya® Garden Pod to embrace all weather

The unusual, bespoke modern building sits in the garden of an eight-bedroom house, built as an outside office and music room. It was constructed with the harsh Irish winter weather in mind, using materials that will last for many years. Tricoya® was the chosen wood product for the job.

The high performance, extreme durable panel was the ideal solution for this particular project. Shane McPartlan from Abbey Woods describes why: "We wanted an 8ft x 4ft timber base panel that would have a minimum 50 year life span. In addition the shell and roof of the building need to provide a watertight envelope. Tricoya was the solution."

The durability of Tricoya means that it lasts, without the need for spending unnecessary money on maintenance over the years. The location of the garden house calls for robust and heavy-duty materials, as its situation on Killiney Hill, which overlooks Dublin Bay, makes it susceptible to the elements.

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Leading joinery manufacturer and timber buildings specialist, Scotts of Thrapston, has helped shed some light on a 19th century chapel in Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire.

The chapel building has been renovated and is now home to the Atmosphere Air Conditioning & Ventilation company who were after an exact replica of the original window and are extremely pleased with the result.

Scotts met the client brief by designing and manufacturing the match in Accoya® and Tricoya®, to avoid any timber movement. Accoya® and Tricoya® are produced as the result of an acetylated wood process that takes sustainably-sourced, fast growing softwood and modifies it to match or exceed the durability and stability of other softwoods and hardwoods, and comes with a 50 year guarantee.

The new window was double-glazed with decorative applied lead by the expert team at Scotts of Thrapston. Some of the double glazed units also had a colour film applied for a distinctive and striking finish when viewed from the interior of the chapel

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Outdoor window shutters are an ideal investment; shielding your home from cold during winter and keeping it cool inside during summer. Window shutters on the exterior offer a first barrier to weather conditions, ensuring a year-on-year reduction in the cost of heating and cooling your home.

It is important that the right product is used for manufacturing the window shutters. With outstanding and extended maintenance intervals, extended guarantees from the coating manufacturers Tricoya was the ideal panel to use for the manufacture.

This residential home in Germany is pleased with the quality of the shutters; the dimensional stability and the 50-year guarantee the Tricoya panel offers.

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A new frontage completed as part of a high street regeneration scheme for the 14th Group Scout Hall, in Wood Street Walthamstow.

The dilapidated existing garage structure which sits in front of the main hall was over clad with a new surface of white painted Tricoya, CNC cut to incorporate large scale patterns and geometries derived from the Fleur de Lys and triangles found in Scouting uniform. Details such as the Scouting logo, text and new gate are painted in the bright purple and green colours drawn from the Scouting brand guidelines colour palette, creating a distinctive and welcoming modern entrance for the group.

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